Tasha Bermingham

Liberate and Elevate is about serious, honest, real enquiry that will shift not only your perspective on life but bring your whole being back into alignment with your true self and purpose...and what better place to teach from is there than that?

Naomi’s style is like none other I have come across: while being greatly informed by theory and academia her approach is steeped confidently in experience based practise and is lead with incredible intuition. In my ten years of teaching no one has ever presented a movement training where the teacher is supportively lead into honestly and productively deconstructing their own practise, their teaching style, in fact, their whole self. This work is immensely powerful with both the rich and real changes it unearths and the nourishing and supportive way healthier more nourishing pathways are laid down. This course should be a staple for all serious movement practitioners.

Naomi Absalom
Hannah Verghese

In a city full of fantastic yoga teachers Naomi stands out. Her honesty, creativity and embodiment of what she is sharing at that moment, whether it be through meditation, chanting or movement, draws you deep into the practice and into yourself. 

There’s always an undeniable shift both personally and in the collective energy in the room by the end. Attending Naomi’s classes and workshops has helped elevate my own practice and deepen my exploration of yoga.

Naomi Absalom
Laila Manji

The longer I sit with the programme content, the more I am hit by what an incredible support system it is. Naomi could easily choose to be just another teacher but she puts herself out there and creates a safe yet challenging space for teachers to grow. That’s hard! And she does it with such strength.

I have developed in the past 6 months not just as a teacher of many things but as a person. I’ve faced personality traits and hang ups that have been there for years that I didn’t even realise or know how to address but through the course I’ve really started to identify and deal with. It’s made me a more confident teacher and facilitator.

Every time I do a mindfulness session I am so much more aware now of my voice and my confidence - today I led a meditation and it was my best yet - confident, calm, strong and firm. I really surprised myself!

There are so many trainings out there and this is totally different - because Naomi shares how people can hold their own space and strength. With that knowledge we have all the training we need: the rest is technicalities!!

Naomi Absalom
Kat Basquill

Studying with Naomi is transformational. She holds a soft power that catches and sparks your mind. This has been amazing for my teaching practice - I’ve felt myself become more confident. resilient and vibrant. Teaching - with love - what I love and knowing how to protect myself. She inspires me to be curious, creative and passionate.

Naomi Absalom
David Kam

What drew me to Naomi in particular, amongst many accomplished yoga teachers is her authenticity likely rooted in her continuous effort to challenge the boundaries of her practice fearlessly.

Throughout the mentorship, Naomi has encouraged us to do the same; offering more questions than answers, extending invitations rather than providing instructions. Within the safe space which she anchors so intuitively (in person and online), she allowed for the organic unfolding of our respective journeys as we navigate through as a growing community.

Liberate & Elevate 2017 has been a major catalyst towards celebrating my voice as a teacher, an artist and a person. Naomi continues to inspire me to share from a place of integrity by simply being a living example of that.

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