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Suzie Smith

Naomi’s raw honesty, intuitive wisdom and sharing of her own vulnerabilities created a mirror for us to see ourselves so clearly. I have no words to express how lucky I feel to have stumbled into her class. From the first breath something was disturbed on a deep, subtle level which I didn’t even realise was there. Something awakens each time I’m under her guidance, whether it’s a knowing of purpose or Self which I fear could steer me into dark and murky waters or a strength which I’m yet to step into... i don’t know. But I’m determined to find out.

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Nikita Akilapa

It's difficult to explain clearly how this works. The mentoring introduces you to a thick dark forest that you were vaguely aware of but had ignored....maybe because you were too scared to walk in by yourself? Or because you haven't the right can't find your compass and don't want to get lost in there; you haven't got wellies and there will inevitably be a lot of mud and shit. The mentoring (as a framework and as a community) guides you through to a castle. When you get to the castle, you look through the windows and see the truest most powerful version of you. And you want to hold her and say sorry for keeping her prisoner. You want to set her free and see all her colours flying. So you set about breaking into the castle, (a big old job) but at this point literally nothing will stop you. It's a question of when not if. First you have to acknowledge the forest and have the courage and determination to navigate your way though. That has been and continues to be my experience of Liberate & Elevate.

Mentor pageSarah Jeffs
Jonelle Lewis

Last year I went on a remarkable journey of connecting to my voice figuratively & literally as a teacher. I’d heard about the ‘Liberate & Elevate’ mentoring programme with Naomi from fellow teachers and was convinced she could help me. I was in a place where I felt like I had something to offer as a teacher but it wasn’t coming across consistently. I struggled with losing my voice, regular imposter syndrome and a lack of self acceptance. I felt stuck and disconnected....a bit lost.⠀

Working with Naomi changed all of that and so many more things. She helped me anchor myself in my voice unapologetically. She helped me to recognise the gifts I bring as a teacher and practitioner of yoga, as a creative person. She is fierce, but also fair and loving. She wants the best for her mentees...she wants us to be free! ⠀

L&E was a game changer and opened up so much for me. If you are a teacher trying to find your voice and connect to your inner creative this course does it.

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David Kam

What drew me to Naomi in particular, amongst many accomplished yoga teachers is her authenticity likely rooted in her continuous effort to challenge the boundaries of her practice fearlessly.

Throughout the mentorship, Naomi has encouraged us to do the same; offering more questions than answers, extending invitations rather than providing instructions. Within the safe space which she anchors so intuitively (in person and online), she allowed for the organic unfolding of our respective journeys as we navigate through as a growing community.

Liberate & Elevate 2017 has been a major catalyst towards celebrating my voice as a teacher, an artist and a person. Naomi continues to inspire me to share from a place of integrity by simply being a living example of that.

Mentor pageNaomi Absalom