Lynette Greenaway

If you are satisfied with how your teaching is going then you should consider mentorship. Equally if you are feeling stuck and your personal, profession and your spiritual growth feels all clogged up then you should consider being mentored.

Undertaking Naomi Absalom's Liberate & Elevate helped me unpack, re-establish how I wanted to continue teaching and what I wanted to teach. Her program helped me to polish up, reset my voice, my plans and intentions and visions as a yoga teacher after becoming stuck in the usual movement and treadmill of taking on every class going, and lityle or no time to create anything new.

Naomi guides you, challenges what is you think you know in a no nonsense and very thought provoking way. She has genuine interest in supporting you, guiding you back to your own experiences and has this unique way of moving you from any insecurities to bravery and courage.

You just come away from it all feeling more equipped and clear and enjoying this new way of being in this very crowded and competitive and often lonely industry.

You get support, there is community, leadership, depth of practice, you go in at a much deeper level, you work with love, presence and much more.

Wholeheartedly recommend you do this work. It's powerful.

Sarah Jeffs