Vicky Leitch

I embarked on the Liberate and Elevate programme as several teachers I know and respect had recommended it, and I was at a stage in my yoga teaching practice where I felt I needed an injection of something - although I wasn’t really sure what that ‘something’ was! 

The programme has helped me really dig into what I’m about as a teacher (my essence), the direction I want to move in, and the work I need to continue to further my teaching practice. Naomi very skilfully creates a space, community and framework for this exploration, allowing each of us to do the work, but always within a safe container.

It’s not always been an easy process but it has been immensely worthwhile. As we draw to the end of the programme I am now clear on what the ‘something’ I felt was missing from my teaching - a clear sense and belief in the unique teacher I am. I am excited to continue the journey.

I am grateful to Naomi and Ana for facilitating this progamme with such a lightness of touch, depth of experience and expertise, honesty and humour.
Thank you.

Naomi Absalom