Sarah Williams

If you are looking for unconditional support for a little while then this is the place to land. Liberate & Elevate is not like any other training or workshop I have done. 

If you are not prepared to acknowledge where you are in your teaching and the broader aspects of your life then this one is probably not for you. Honestly, it’s not always pleasant or easy and you will need to join forces with others in order to get the most from the programme. It might even feel a little ‘Dorian Gray’ at times. 

If you ask me what I got from it all, I honestly I can’t really put my finger on it but like all magic, it’s not concise, linear or clear. It’s a process that keeps unfolding leaving you with a resonance of support and connection that will encourage you to take the next step, leap or jump. A little bit of magic, a lot of sage and togetherness without separation There is a reason why it’s called Liberate & Elevate and I encourage you to go and find out why for yourself

Naomi Absalom