Jonelle Lewis

Last year I went on a remarkable journey of connecting to my voice figuratively & literally as a teacher. I’d heard about the ‘Liberate & Elevate’ mentoring programme with Naomi from fellow teachers and was convinced she could help me. I was in a place where I felt like I had something to offer as a teacher but it wasn’t coming across consistently. I struggled with losing my voice, regular imposter syndrome and a lack of self acceptance. I felt stuck and disconnected....a bit lost.⠀

Working with Naomi changed all of that and so many more things. She helped me anchor myself in my voice unapologetically. She helped me to recognise the gifts I bring as a teacher and practitioner of yoga, as a creative person. She is fierce, but also fair and loving. She wants the best for her mentees...she wants us to be free! ⠀

L&E was a game changer and opened up so much for me. If you are a teacher trying to find your voice and connect to your inner creative this course does it.

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