Emily Scott

When I first signed up to Liberate and Elevate, I didn’t think too much about the title of the program. I figured the title included just some nice, uplifting, encouraging words. But now, I think I get it. For me, the level of my teaching has been elevated. I’ve been teaching for two years, but the quality of my teaching has improved so much over the past 6 months, that I’m sometimes embarrassed to think about how I was teaching before. But before this elevation occurred, I had to liberate myself from so many things: from how I thought a teacher could look and act, to what I think of myself, to how I think a woman should be. There were many painful and shocking revelations along the way, but I slowly have started the process of liberating myself from ideas that were rooted so deeply inside me that I didn’t even realise they weren’t healthy. As I peel back these layers and experience what truly is liberation, my teaching and, honestly, my life has elevated. I can’t recommend this program highly enough. Naomi creates a space for magic to happen.

Naomi Absalom