Annabel Chown

I came to the Liberate & Elevate Master programme at a time when I was feeling pretty stuck. I was even questioning whether I wanted to carry on teaching. The morning after our first session, I remember waking up and feeling so much lighter and more hopeful.

I absolutely loved every session and received so many nuggets of wisdom. However for profound shifts to happen within me, it was nonetheless a slow burn process. Naomi and Ana wisely advised us that for some, this can be the case and I trusted them and kept walking the path, using the beautiful tools we were being given.

For me, the real transformation happened right after the end of the programme, once I’d digested everything. Creative flow and inspiration returned, I fell back in love with my life, my practice and my teaching. And I finally feel like I’m teaching from a place that is much more authentic, and am more able to trust that inner voice. 

Naomi and Ana both hold space in such a safe, loving and honest way, which is key to the success of the mentoring, as it creates a container in which healing can start to happen. I am immensely grateful to both of them and to the beautiful group of women who gravitated to them.

Naomi Absalom