It’s difficult to explain clearly how this works. The mentoring introduces you to a thick dark forest that you were vaguely aware of but had ignored....maybe because you were too scared to walk in by yourself? Or because you haven’t the right equipment..you can’t find your compass and don’t want to get lost in there; you haven’t got wellies and there will inevitably be a lot of mud and shit. The mentoring (as a framework and as a community) guides you through to a castle. When you get to the castle, you look through the windows and see the truest most powerful version of you. And you want to hold her and say sorry for keeping her prisoner. You want to set her free and see all her colours flying. So you set about breaking into the castle, (a big old job) but at this point literally nothing will stop you. It’s a question of when not if. First you have to acknowledge the forest and have the courage and determination to navigate your way though. That has been and continues to be my experience of Liberate & Elevate.
— Nikita akilapa

I knew about Naomi’s Liberate mentoring. I’d heard whispers in the metaphorical yoga teacher staff room about her passion, honesty and ability to cut through yoga-waffle like a hot knife through butter. I knew that the teachers who had worked with her all seemed to be out in the world, shining as themselves and doing really interesting things. And I knew I wanted some of that magic. I wasn’t disappointed.

Over the past six months, Naomi has shepherded her wolf pack (that’d be us mentees) through our own individual journeys into magic, self inquiry and radical honesty. Always leaving space for us to find our own paths, this is not a one size fits all kind of deal. She’s offered up a bounty of tools, not only those that specifically address the art of teaching yoga but tools to help us encounter ourselves, our passions, driving values and creativity.

As I come to the end of the Liberate journey with Naomi, I can look back and see what an immense transformation has occurred in that short time. I’ve unpicked layers of old stories that really weren’t working anymore, I’ve found my voice, I’ve built boundaries to support myself when teaching, I’ve rediscovered and reintegrated parts of myself that I’d forgotten about. All of which comes through in my teaching, which is great, but also in my wider life, which really does feel like magic and liberation.
— Elle Johnston

I didn’t know what I was signing up for, I came in late and Naomi gifted me Mary’s place ( a scholarship in memory of a previous student). An hounour to receive, even if I had a little trouble receiving it for a while, I don’t know where or who I’d be without it. Who was I six months ago? I was me - of course - but what seems like a totally different version of me. L&E isn’t about poses or anatomy or even your students (they will all benefit). It’s about you...how you’re showing up and how you’re hiding. We all hide. If you’re considering doing Liberate & Elevate my advice would be to DO IT....but don’t expect it to be easy!
— Jess Leitch

When I first signed up to Liberate and Elevate, I didn’t think too much about the title of the program. I figured the title included just some nice, uplifting, encouraging words. But now, I think I get it.

For me, the level of my teaching has been elevated. I’ve been teaching for two years, but the quality of my teaching has improved so much over the past 6 months, that I’m sometimes embarrassed to think about how I was teaching before. But before this elevation occurred, I had to liberate myself from so many things: from how I thought a teacher could look and act, to what I think of myself, to how I think a woman should be. There were many painful and shocking revelations along the way, but I slowly have started the process of liberating myself from ideas that were rooted so deeply inside me that I didn’t even realise they weren’t healthy.
As I peel back these layers and experience what truly is liberation, my teaching and, honestly, my life has elevated.

I can’t recommend this program highly enough. Naomi creates a space for magic to happen.
— Emily Scott

I just finished the 6 months of Liberate & Elevate. I am not the big writer and words do not come easily to me, but I wanted to share with you how amazing Naomi’s mentoring program is.

I started the program with no expectation, but with a lot of changes in my life. I just shifted from part-time to full-time teaching and felt very insecure and lonely with it.
Liberate and Elevate, brought me a community, it brought me new friends and the knowledge, that I am not alone in all this. Naomi creates an atmosphere, which allows you to go deeper, to share your thoughts and worries, she makes you look into the mirror and she helps you to see your own full potential. It is not always easy, but so worth it. I never experienced a more honest and helpful feedback as the one Naomi gave me. I learned some very special and magical tools, which are just starting to unfold their power.

Liberate & Elevate is very unique and special and I am so grateful I had the opportunity to be part of it.
— Sandra Stein

This programme is a life changer. Naomi is able to to support the group as a whole but also tend to us as individuals helping us realise our potential.

Her understanding and experience is like gold dust. I have come out of this feeling more sure about who I am and what I want from my teaching, not to mention the beautiful community it has created.

Thank you Naomi - you magic witch.
— Laura Shipsey

I attended Naomi’s L&E retreat last year. As a guilt riddled working Mum it’s got to be something really worthwhile for me to take a weekend away from my kids.

I felt confident with Naomi that it was. The weekend was deeply moving and affecting but what I really gained from it unravelled over the coming months. It was an intense and valuable transference of skill, energy and information and I learnt so much that has refined and informed my teaching.
— Charlie Anderson

I’m on the current L&E programme and cannot express in words the freedom I am experiencing as a woman, in my personal life and as a full time teacher of yoga in London.

If you knew me before and saw me now you would be amazed at the change! This work is honest and goes straight to the truth. Prepare to meet the self you always knew was in there and burst out into love and acceptance held by the most amazing community.

It’s like gaining a second family that you can be completely yourself around.
— Frankie Guarino

What drew me to Naomi in particular, amongst many accomplished yoga teachers is her authenticity likely rooted in her continuous effort to challenge the boundaries of her practice fearlessly.

Throughout the mentorship, Naomi has encouraged us to do the same; offering more questions than answers, extending invitations rather than providing instructions. Within the safe space which she anchors so intuitively (in person and online), she allowed for the organic unfolding of our respective journeys as we navigate through as a growing community.

Liberate & Elevate 2017 has been a major catalyst towards celebrating my voice as a teacher, an artist and a person. Naomi continues to inspire me to share from a place of integrity by simply being a living example of that.Naomi’s programme is about so much more than improving your skills as a yoga teacher, although her knowledge of teaching, yoga and people has really helped my teaching. I have appreciated her wisdom and insight which has filtered into other areas of my life as well. Added to this, a creative, fun and inspirational approach which has helped me to explore who I am as a person and teacher.
— David Kam

Sequencing, assisting, guiding students into poses are useful skills as yoga teachers but even more important in my opinion are the softer skills of being able to navigate life as a yoga teacher, to find your own unique way of expressing yourself and think beyond asana rather than being just another cookie cutter teacher. Naomi’s mentoring does all of this and more and I think any yoga teacher who wants to further their teaching will benefit from the experience.
— Rishin Paonaskar

Just had to thank you again for yesterday. I honestly feel like i’m working through and peeling back layers of ‘stuff’ that had attached itself to me from not really questioning things and getting pulled along by the current.

When I left yesterday I almost felt a bit high, like i’m beginning to wake up and see things for what they are. I felt really alive. It’s an incredible feeling.

So glad I jumped on board and thank you for making your idea for the programme a reality, I think what we’re doing is pretty special.
— Clare Waters

I embarked on the Liberate and Elevate programme as several teachers I know and respect had recommended it, and I was at a stage in my yoga teaching practice where I felt I needed an injection of something - although I wasn’t really sure what that ‘something’ was!

The programme has helped me really dig into what I’m about as a teacher (my essence), the direction I want to move in, and the work I need to continue to further my teaching practice. Naomi very skilfully creates a space, community and framework for this exploration, allowing each of us to do the work, but always within a safe container.

It’s not always been an easy process but it has been immensely worthwhile. As we draw to the end of the programme I am now clear on what the ‘something’ I felt was missing from my teaching - a clear sense and belief in the unique teacher I am. I am excited to continue the journey.

I am grateful to Naomi and Ana for facilitating this progamme with such a lightness of touch, depth of experience and expertise, honesty and humour.
Thank you.
— Vicky Leitch

If you are looking for unconditional support for a little while then this is the place to land. Liberate & Elevate is not like any other training or workshop I have done.

If you are not prepared to acknowledge where you are in your teaching and the broader aspects of your life then this one is probably not for you. Honestly, it’s not always pleasant or easy and you will need to join forces with others in order to get the most from the programme. It might even feel a little ‘Dorian Gray’ at times.

If you ask me what I got from it all, I honestly I can’t really put my finger on it but like all magic, it’s not concise, linear or clear. It’s a process that keeps unfolding leaving you with a resonance of support and connection that will encourage you to take the next step, leap or jump. A little bit of magic, a lot of sage and togetherness without separation There is a reason why it’s called Liberate & Elevate and I encourage you to go and find out why for yourself
— Sarah Williams

Last year I went on a remarkable journey of connecting to my voice figuratively & literally as a teacher. I’d heard about the ‘Liberate & Elevate’ mentoring programme with Naomi from fellow teachers and was convinced she could help me. I was in a place where I felt like I had something to offer as a teacher but it wasn’t coming across consistently. I struggled with losing my voice, regular imposter syndrome and a lack of self acceptance. I felt stuck and disconnected....a bit lost.⠀

Working with Naomi changed all of that and so many more things. She helped me anchor myself in my voice unapologetically. She helped me to recognise the gifts I bring as a teacher and practitioner of yoga, as a creative person. She is fierce, but also fair and loving. She wants the best for her mentees...she wants us to be free! ⠀

L&E was a game changer and opened up so much for me. If you are a teacher trying to find your voice and connect to your inner creative this course does it.
— Jonelle Lewis

Naomi’s programme is about so much more than improving your skills as a yoga teacher, although her knowledge of teaching, yoga and people has really helped my teaching. I have appreciated her wisdom and insight which has filtered into other areas of my life as well. Added to this, a creative, fun and inspirational approach which has helped me to explore who I am as a person and teacher.
— Kate Brushwood

Naomi’s raw honesty, intuitive wisdom and sharing of her own vulnerabilities created a mirror for us to see ourselves so clearly. I have no words to express how lucky I feel to have stumbled into her class. From the first breath something was disturbed on a deep, subtle level which I didn’t even realise was there. Something awakens each time I’m under her guidance, whether it’s a knowing of purpose or Self which I fear could steer me into dark and murky waters or a strength which I’m yet to step into... i don’t know. But I’m determined to find out.
— Suzie Hunter-Smith
If you are satisfied with how your teaching is going then you should consider mentorship. Equally if you are feeling stuck and your personal, profession and your spiritual growth feels all clogged up then you should consider being mentored.

Undertaking Liberate helped me unpack and re-establish how I wanted to continue teaching, polish up and reset my voice, my plans and intentions and visions as a yoga teacher after becoming stuck. Naomi guides you, challenges what you think you know in a no nonsense and very thought provoking way. She is genuinely interested in supporting you, guiding you back to your own experiences and has this unique way of moving you from any insecurities to bravery and courage.

You just come away from it all feeling more equipped and clear and enjoying this new way of being in this very crowded and competitive and often lonely industry.

You get support, there is community, leadership, depth of practice, you go in at a much deeper level, you work with love, presence and connection...so much more.

Wholeheartedly recommend you do this work. It’s powerful.
— Lynette Greenaway

I’m speaking to EVERYONE about the work. I am not joking, I feel I have gained more from this course than probably any other, of any discipline.
— Ariadne Kapsali

Naomi is even more honest, loving, real and courageous in person than I could’ve anticipated. I would never have guessed just how much clarity, reassurance and confidence I would’ve gained during the session and that was only possible due to Naomi’s ability to hold a nurturing, open and safe environment for us to share.
— Emma Jones

Liberate and Elevate is about serious, honest, real enquiry that will shift not only your perspective on life but bring your whole being back into alignment with your true self and purpose...and what better place to teach from is there than that?

Naomi’s style is like none other I have come across: while being greatly informed by theory and academia her approach is steeped confidently in experience based practise and is lead with incredible intuition. In my ten years of teaching no one has ever presented a movement training where the teacher is supportively lead into honestly and productively deconstructing their own practise, their teaching style, in fact, their whole self. This work is immensely powerful with both the rich and real changes it unearths and the nourishing and supportive way healthier more nourishing pathways are laid down. This course should be a staple for all serious movement practitioners.
— Tasha Bermingham

It is not simply Naomi’s technical precision, dedication, ability to hold a room and her accepting but ‘no bullshit’ attitude that draws people to her classes again and again - it’s her spirit; unparalleled, unvarnished, unmistakable - that makes her one of the best teachers I have ever had.
— Kerry Sutherland

I’m so glad you pushed me. I signed up for L&E specifically because I knew you would but I also trusted you, your process and the stable place you were coming from.

I wanted to get unstuck and the work we did was the catalyst for that. I can’t tell you how different my life is and will be because of our work.

I considered myself courageous before but I feel like I really live in bravery now.
— Lauryn Allman

I came to the Liberate & Elevate Master programme at a time when I was feeling pretty stuck. I was even questioning whether I wanted to carry on teaching. The morning after our first session, I remember waking up and feeling so much lighter and more hopeful.

I absolutely loved every session and received so many nuggets of wisdom. However for profound shifts to happen within me, it was nonetheless a slow burn process. Naomi and Ana wisely advised us that for some, this can be the case and I trusted them and kept walking the path, using the beautiful tools we were being given.

For me, the real transformation happened right after the end of the programme, once I’d digested everything. Creative flow and inspiration returned, I fell back in love with my life, my practice and my teaching. And I finally feel like I’m teaching from a place that is much more authentic, and am more able to trust that inner voice.

Naomi and Ana both hold space in such a safe, loving and honest way, which is key to the success of the mentoring, as it creates a container in which healing can start to happen. I am immensely grateful to both of them and to the beautiful group of women who gravitated to them.
— Annabel Chown