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Each practice is completely unique and runs at so they are perfect for those of you with busy lives that want to find a way to fit in your yoga but simply don’t have the time to commit to a class.

The Elements SerieS

A collection of 3 x 40 minute asana practices designed to balance the varying elements residing within all of us at different times – Earth, Fire and Water. All three practices are perfect on their own or mix all three at different times to create a total of 7 complete practices.




Earth is the densest element representing anything that is solid, heavy and stable. In the body the Earth element provides your structure and stability as it is predominant in the bones and muscles.
This is a grounding practice to help you connect to your feet and find your roots. This session covers the basics of vinyasa and helps build the strength, stamina and control needed to steer your way through life and come back to earth!
Includes fluid vinyasa, standing postures and balances as well as foreward folds. Good for when you’re up in the head space and need to find a way to get back down to earth.

Running time: 42 mins

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Fire represents heat and its ability to transform one substance into another. In the body it governs metabolism and the millions of chemical reactions taking place every minute.
This is an energising and challenging practice created to stoke the fire within you and raise your energy! This session will leave you feeling alive, invigorated, focussed and strong in your centre. It will shift out the bad stuff and draw in the good stuff.
Includes upper and lower body strengthening as well as arm balances. Good for when you need to find that little bit more energy to get your through…

Running time: 38 mins

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Water characterises the liquid state or anything that flows. It is moist, cool and soft and in the body is represented by the blood, lymph, synovial and cerebrospinal fluid.
This is a liberating, fluid and more creative approach to practicing asana. This session will open you physically, mentally and energetically to the infinite possibilities within yourself. Includes heart opening and introspective flows to help you become more open, flexible, free, inspired and ultimately in flow with  the great wave of life! Good for when you need to tune in and ‘come home’.

Running time: 41 mins

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Lunar flow yoga

Recorded live with a strong focus on fluidity, softness, breath and meditation.


Recorded live in class and at home. There is a strong focus on fluidity, softness, breath and meditation. It is a challenging class but you go at your own pace and find your own rhythm. Good to do on days when you have less energy or feel you need more focus.

Running time: 90 mins

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“Naomi’s self-practice downloads are a godsend – a hit of the ridiculously good-vibed, magical and mischievous elfin at the click of a button!”
— Emma

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Liberate & Elevate Vest


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