Practice with Naomi in the comfort of your own home and when you're on the move with ‘Movement for Modern Life’.

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Chant: I am Free

A beautiful mantra/chant. By doing a mantra, we are harmonising the mind/body subtle body, as well as it being a beautiful experience. Allow the intention of the mantra to bring you into harmony. Away from your busy day, away from your thoughts and into the heart centre. A wonderful practice for discovering your hearts' desire. The meaning behind this chant is 'I am free. I am eternity. I am consciousness. I am spaciousness. I am free.' Keep that intention in mind as you chant. This is a wonderful chant to do before your yoga practice .

Explorative Movement

A conditioning, strengthening movement class in which we explore movement, away from a traditional yoga asana class. Naomi brings in lots of different elements to give space and range around all of the joints. With plenty of different movements, this class doesn’t focus on the end shape or posture, but is all about the integrity and how things feel to you during practice. You will need two blocks and a smallish book.

Relaxed Breath Practice

This class is a really relaxed breath-work class, teaching us in a supine position, how to breathe in the most relaxed way possible. A very quiet, meditative class, followed by a seated meditation focused on the steady, smooth breath.

Creative Morning Flow

Start your day the right way with lots of moving, a lot of breathwork, no static holds with plenty of mobility work on the shoulders and feet. Just bring in the breath and an intention of joy and you'll be set to have a fabulous day ahead!

Shoulder Health & Self Massage

This yoga and self-massage class focuses on the shoulder rotator cuff to rebilitate and keep your shoulders healthy during yoga practice and in life. Learn how to keep your shoulder healthy and injury free, and how to self-massage the rotator cuff to keep the whole shoulder area mobile.

Breathwork for health

Breathwork - the secret to great health and moving you from 'doing OK' to living your most vibrant life. In this class, Naomi leads us through some powerful breath practices which can radically help your life. The first practice serves to open up the breath through the lungs and the entire system - shifting any kind of erratic breath patterns or involuntary breath holds but also supporting immune function. The second is a beautifully calming breath that works to balance the chemistry of the body. If this is your second viewing of the video and you'd like the practices without the explanation, the practices start at 8 minutes. Do not practice this class if you are pregnant (although you can practice the second technique) and for some sufferers of anxiety, it may be useful to practice with a knowledgable teacher at first. Breathwork is more powerful than you may think!

Stoke the Fire

A hot but steady flow to get your inner fire stoked. This practice hits all the sweet spots for when you have less time but still want as full a practice as possible. Includes lots of lovely chest, shoulder and side body openers as well as twists, hip openers and balancing poses.

Creative & Juicy Hips

A super juicy feast of movement and breath for those days you really do need to get down and get it all out. Guaranteed to get you out of your mind, into your body and very much into the power of the breath.

Big & Fearless Heart

Allowing fear to continue to have power over us keeps us firmly locked in cycles of fear, anxiety, low self esteem and so on. This is a beautifully deep and transformative flow and part of Naomi’s personal home practice.

Vinyasa for breath and balance

An advanced level playful and creative vinyasa flow featuring plenty of inversions, slow core transitions and some beautiful balances. Short and punchy!

Morning Backbend Espresso

A short and sweet flow to kick start your day the right way. This practice focuses on building and moving energy around the system to get your whole body and mind zinging for the day ahead. Just over 20 minutes long but every second is dedicated to helping you feel nothing short of glorious!

Twist, Rinse & Wring It Out.

A spicy, twisty flow with some core work to lead to parsva bakasana and ashtavakrasana. For when you need to channel a little bit of energy and strength to your core and upper body. You will need two blocks.

Transitioning Your Core Vinyasa

A vinyasa class which gets going swiftly and focuses not just on poses but the movement between them. This gives a very thorough, but soulful core workout. A great class for strengthening the upper body, as well as lengthening.

All about your core

A lovely slow flow which won’t let you forget your strong core. With variations for beginners and advanced core-travellers this flow is ideal for creating strength and stability in the lower back as the abs strengthen.

Spacious & Fluid Spine

This class is somatics-based which focuses on how yoga feels from the inside rather than how the poses look from the outside. This practice is not a traditional posture-led yoga class but focuses on freedom of movement. With a focus on spaciousness between the joints and especially the spine, you might find that a stiff or sore back feels freer and you feel increased mobility in your spine and a stronger core. 

Balance & Stability Quickie

A surprisingly challenging balance sequence, all on a block. Great for improviing your stability, and you may find that your glutes get a workout too! A fantastic class for all-levels, but you may find that you'd prefer to stay at the first stage of the practice until you're ready to move on. You will need a yoga brick to balance on.

Full Body Airing 

A very peaceful guided restorative sequence, just a couple of poses and more focus on the meditative aspects of this very quiet practice. A brilliant way to end the day. You will need two blocks or a bolster.

Use NAOMI20 at checkout to get 20% off your subscription.