Naomi Absalom Yoga

Liberate & Elevate 2017

“Naomi and her approach to yoga are the beautiful and delicate balance of power and deep awareness of vulnerability. She has something magical and caring, demanding and playful, spiritual yet deeply rooted in reality.

So I started her mentoring programme. And what I found was a space for deep honesty of what teaching is like, a desire to build a community of teachers that can share all aspects of their joys and struggles. A place to explore and reflect on how to grow what we love and face what we fear.”

Valerie Hartwich, yoga teacher

Why ongoing Mentoring:

I have been teaching in London for twelve years and mentoring yoga teachers for five years now.

More than ever I see a need to help teachers take a necessary step into the deeper layers of their teaching practice which can only be accessed through continuous and regular mentoring in combination with intelligent practice and reflection.

Learning alignment, sequencing, practical and therapeutic ways of assisting students are just primary steps to get you to the point of delivering a class. Pretty much anyone can do this….and lots of people do.

The real art of teaching and what will set you apart from the great glut of qualified teachers and why this mentoring is unique – is in learning how to sensitively balance and integrate our own necessary development, self-enquiry and reflection with the essential techniques for holding space for others in a powerful, non-intrusive way. It is this combination that builds resilient and embodied teachers in the face of growing pressure, competition and energetic pulls.

Excellent teachers are born from eternal students – deeper practices bring up different and important questions about teaching.

Mentoring options:

Liberate & Elevate is a full range of mentoring options for yoga teachers.

Choose from one-to-one sessions tailored to suit your needs, to long term group mentoring as part of an intimate group, to in class personal supervision and feedback:

  • Liberate & Elevate 6 month Group Mentoring Programme
  • Liberate & Elevate 3 month Group Mentoring Programme
  • Liberate & Elevate Master Programme
  • Liberate & Elevate One-to-One
  • Liberate & Elevate Teaching Supervision






  • Dates & Topics for L&E 2017

    Module 1/ Friday April 21st:
    ‘The Download’

    Module 2 / Friday May 19th:
    ‘On Authenticity’

    Module 3/ Friday June 23rd:
    ‘Teaching Practice’

    Module 4/ Friday July 21st:
    ‘The Business of Yoga’

    Module 5/ Friday August 18th:
    ‘The Art of Assisting’

    Module 6 / Friday September 15th:
    ‘Taking it into the World’

  • Payment Options

    6 month programme:
    Full price for all 6 modules – £400
    Includes 6x 4 hour sessions
    Includes ongoing support via email, text, phone call

    3 month programme:
    Full price for all 3 modules – £250
    Includes 3 x 4 hour sessions of your choice
    Includes ongoing support from via email

    One-to-one mentoring:
    Please email to discuss your needs.

    Teaching supervisions & feedback:
    Please email to discuss your needs.

  • Teacher Weekend Retreat

    Next L&E Retreat for teachers:
    October 27-29th 2017 at Gayles, East Sussex.