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'Naomi’s style is like none other I have come across - while being greatly informed by theory and academia, her approach is steeped confidently in experience based practise and is led with incredible intuition.

In my ten years of teaching no one has ever presented a movement training where the teacher is supportively led into honestly and productively deconstructing their own practise, their teaching style, in fact, their whole self.'

- Tasha Bermingham


Teacher mentoring - Liberate & elevate

Why ongoing Mentoring:

I have been teaching in London for thirteen years and mentoring yoga teachers for six years. 

More than ever I see a need to support teachers to take a necessary step into the deeper layers of their teaching practice which can only be accessed through continuous and regular mentoring and support in combination with intelligent practice and reflection.

Learning alignment, sequencing, practical and therapeutic ways of assisting students are just primary steps to get you to the point of delivering a class. Pretty much anyone can do this….and lots of people do.

The real art of teaching and what will set you apart from the great glut of qualified teachers and why this mentoring is unique – is in learning how to sensitively balance and integrate our own necessary development, self-enquiry and reflection with the essential techniques for holding space for others in a powerful, yet non-intrusive way. It is this combination that builds resilient and embodied teachers in the face of growing pressure, competition and energetic pulls.

L&E is more than a teacher mentoring, it is a creative recovery for the individual.  

The programme is not an easy opt out as we believe that picking apart some unhealthy patterns is central to clarity and growth. We will encourage you to find out who you really are and what motivated you to teach. We will support you in identifying that which no longer serves. Newer teachers do not have the necessary experience to work towards these questions in such depth, their needs are different and they require more practical support. For more experienced teachers this work is central to determining whether breakthroughs will occur.

I have now separated the programmes into two different offerings: L&E Foundation and L&E Master. L&E Foundation is for anyone currently teaching yoga for at least 6 months. L&E Master is for teachers with a minimum 4 years teaching experience. 

Excellent teachers are born from eternal students – deeper practices bring up different and important questions about teaching.

Foundation Programme

Minimum 6 months experience

6 month programmE

6 x 4hr sessions + access to a private membership area

2018 Dates & Topics 

Fridays on:

  • April 20  The Download
  • May 18 On Authenticity
  • June 15 Teaching Practice
  • July 13 The Business of Yoga
  • August 10 The Art of Assisting
  • September 7 Taking it into the World


Union Station Yoga, Battersea, London


2 - 6 pm




Name *

Master programme

Minimum 4 years experience

6 month programme

6 x 4hr sessions + access to a private membership area

2017 Dates & Topics (sold out)

Fridays on:

  • September 28 The Axis
  • October 19 Amore & Psyche
  • November 16 The Electric Body
  • December 7 Elegant Alignment
  • January 18 Bridging The Traditional & Original
  • February 15 Don’t Go Back To Sleep


Union Station Yoga, Battersea, London


2 - 6 pm



2018 dates TBA- sign up below

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One to one sessions

For individuals via phone Skype.

These sessions last generally 30-45 minutes and take place on a Tuesday and Wednesday morning.

Up-coming events and retreats for yoga teachers




Collaboration and community is at the heart of Liberate & Elevate.

Together we grow.

We believe it is that simple.  We make a point of sharing knowledge. We become mirrors for one another. We provide support, feedback and guidance.

It is of the utmost importance that every single person teaching on the programme not only has exceptional skills and experience to share but that they live yoga with unparalleled integrity. 

We work with excellent teachers who are doing the work, we can help you.

Carolyn Cowan.jpg

Ana Muriel

Jivamukti Yoga Teacher, Mentor, Holistic health coach with a background in marketing and communication.

Ana and I met 2 years ago and I knew instantly she was a sister for life. She is an integral part of L&E, a constant source of inspiration and my biggest muse and mirror. Her experience, knowledge and creativity is vast as is the heart she shares from. Her commitment to the path is unshakeable. Ana co-writes and co-teaches the Master Programme and also assists the Foundation. She is unique and totally brilliant and we are both prone to an inapropriate fit of the giggles. 


Carolyn Cowan

Kundalini Yoga teacher, Teacher Trainer and Psychosexual Therapist specialising in addiction & trauma recovery.

I first came into contact with Carolyn when we were both on the Sadhaka schedule. Years later we sat on a panel together for a triyoga symposium. I was immediately impressed by her enigmatic personality and fearlessness. Her multi-layered experience as therapist and artist plus her fascinating history made her a no brainer to work with. Carolyn currently teaches the Elegant Alignment module on the Master Programme.


Mollie Morris

Yoga teacher, Teacher Trainer, Franklin Method facilitator and Co-director of Sadhaka Yoga Centre.

Some people you meet and you know they will always be an ever present in your life. Mollie is such a person. Her interest in and fascination with all things movement keeps her at the forefront of a scene which is ever evolving. Despite her huge experience the humility and grace with which she practices and shares makes her the perfect addition to the L&E facutly. I have always been inspired by Mollie's commitment to transformation. Mollie is teaching on the L&E teacher's retreat in October. 


kristi Rodelli

Forrest Yoga Teacher, Mentor, Writer & mama!

Kristi and I met at Indaba Yoga where we both teach. She likes to remind me of the time we first met (I stuck a post it note with my name on it on her foot during a workshop -classy!) Our friendship has blossomed into something really beautiful ever since. Along with Ana she was the first person that came to mind when I decided to embark on the mentoring. She is the Earth to our Air and Fire. She has such great insight, is brave, beautiful and articulate. Kristi is currently on maternity leave but we hope she will be back with us in 2018.




What drew me to Naomi in particular, amongst many accomplished yoga teachers is her authenticity likely rooted in her continuous effort to challenge the boundaries of her practice fearlessly.

Throughout the mentorship, Naomi has encouraged us to do the same; offering more questions than answers, extending invitations rather than providing instructions. Within the safe space which she anchors so intuitively (in person and online), she allowed for the organic unfolding of our respective journeys as we navigate through as a growing community.

Liberate & Elevate 2017 has been a major catalyst towards celebrating my voice as a teacher, an artist and a person. Naomi continues to inspire me to share from a place of integrity by simply being a living example of that.
— David Kam

Naomi’s raw honesty, intuitive wisdom and sharing of her own vulnerabilities created a mirror for us to see ourselves so clearly. I have no words to express how lucky I feel to have stumbled into her class. From the first breath something was disturbed on a deep, subtle level which I didn’t even realise was there. Something awakens each time I’m under her guidance, whether it’s a knowing of purpose or Self which I fear could steer me into dark and murky waters or a strength which I’m yet to step into... i don’t know. But I’m determined to find out.
— Suzie Hunter-Smith

This programme is a life changer. Naomi is able to to support the group as a whole but also tend to us as individuals helping us realise our potential.

Her understanding and experience is like gold dust. I have come out of this feeling more sure about who I am and what I want from my teaching, not to mention the beautiful community it has created.

Thank you Naomi - you magic witch.
— Laura Shipsey

I attended Naomi’s L&E retreat last year. As a guilt riddled working Mum it’s got to be something really worthwhile for me to take a weekend away from my kids.

I felt confident with Naomi that it was. The weekend was deeply moving and affecting but what I really gained from it unravelled over the coming months. It was an intense and valuable transference of skill, energy and information and I learnt so much that has refined and informed my teaching.
— Charlie Anderson

I’m on the current L&E programme and cannot express in words the freedom I am experiencing as a woman, in my personal life and as a full time teacher of yoga in London.

If you knew me before and saw me now you would be amazed at the change! This work is honest and goes straight to the truth. Prepare to meet the self you always knew was in there and burst out into love and acceptance held by the most amazing community.

It’s like gaining a second family that you can be completely yourself around.
— Frankie Guarino

I embarked on the Liberate and Elevate programme as several teachers I know and respect had recommended it, and I was at a stage in my yoga teaching practice where I felt I needed an injection of something - although I wasn’t really sure what that ‘something’ was!

The programme has helped me really dig into what I’m about as a teacher (my essence), the direction I want to move in, and the work I need to continue to further my teaching practice. Naomi very skilfully creates a space, community and framework for this exploration, allowing each of us to do the work, but always within a safe container.

It’s not always been an easy process but it has been immensely worthwhile. As we draw to the end of the programme I am now clear on what the ‘something’ I felt was missing from my teaching - a clear sense and belief in the unique teacher I am. I am excited to continue the journey.

I am grateful to Naomi and Ana for facilitating this progamme with such a lightness of touch, depth of experience and expertise, honesty and humour.
Thank you.
— Vicky Leitch

Just had to thank you again for yesterday. I honestly feel like i’m working through and peeling back layers of ‘stuff’ that had attached itself to me from not really questioning things and getting pulled along by the current.

When I left yesterday I almost felt a bit high, like i’m beginning to wake up and see things for what they are. I felt really alive. It’s an incredible feeling.

So glad I jumped on board and thank you for making your idea for the programme a reality, I think what we’re doing is pretty special.
— Clare Waters

Naomi is even more honest, loving, real and courageous in person than I could’ve anticipated. I would never have guessed just how much clarity, reassurance and confidence I would’ve gained during the session and that was only possible due to Naomi’s ability to hold a nurturing, open and safe environment for us to share.
— Emma Jones

Liberate and Elevate is about serious, honest, real enquiry that will shift not only your perspective on life but bring your whole being back into alignment with your true self and purpose...and what better place to teach from is there than that?

Naomi’s style is like none other I have come across: while being greatly informed by theory and academia her approach is steeped confidently in experience based practise and is lead with incredible intuition. In my ten years of teaching no one has ever presented a movement training where the teacher is supportively lead into honestly and productively deconstructing their own practise, their teaching style, in fact, their whole self. This work is immensely powerful with both the rich and real changes it unearths and the nourishing and supportive way healthier more nourishing pathways are laid down. This course should be a staple for all serious movement practitioners.
— Tasha Bermingham

It is not simply Naomi’s technical precision, dedication, ability to hold a room and her accepting but ‘no bullshit’ attitude that draws people to her classes again and again - it’s her spirit; unparalleled, unvarnished, unmistakable - that makes her one of the best teachers I have ever had.
— Kerry Sutherland

In a city full of fantastic yoga teachers Naomi stands out. Her honesty, creativity and embodiment of what she is sharing at that moment, whether it be through meditation, chanting or movement, draws you deep into the practice and into yourself.

There’s always an undeniable shift both personally and in the collective energy in the room by the end. Attending Naomi’s classes and workshops has helped elevate my own practice and deepen my exploration of yoga.
— Hanna Verghese

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