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'Naomi’s style is like none other I have come across - while being greatly informed by theory and academia, her approach is steeped confidently in experience based practise and is led with incredible intuition.

In my ten years of teaching no one has ever presented a movement training where the teacher is supportively led into honestly and productively deconstructing their own practise, their teaching style, in fact, their whole self.'

- Tasha Bermingham


Teacher mentoring - Liberate & elevate

Why what we do is unique:

L&E is more than a teacher mentoring or a training - we believe it is a creative recovery for the individual. 

We view teaching as an act of creativity and we support teachers in evaluating where they might be blocked and what to do about it. We teach practical tools for embodied self-inquiry, resilience and sustainability.

Hello, I have been teaching in London for fifteen years and mentoring yoga teachers for seven. 

Liberate & Elevate grew organically out of an undeniable desire to create honest and regular discourse about what it’s like to practice and teach yoga.

At the time there was nothing like it in London. There still isn’t to my knowledge. L&E mentorships go way beyond the acquisition of skills, techniques and formula. We are interested in Discourse, Artistry, Accountability, Truth and Radical Self-Inquiry. These are the 5 pillars which form the heart and soul of everything you will encounter in the multifarious offerings; from workshops and retreats to personal mentorship and our two flagship programmes - ‘Liberate’ and ‘Elevate’.

We believe that the real art of teaching (and what will set you apart from the great number of qualified teachers and why this mentoring is completely unique) is in learning how to sensitively balance and integrate our own necessary development with the essential techniques for holding space for others in a powerful, yet non-intrusive way. It is the combination of individual creative recovery, supported inquiry and brave and honest discourse in community that builds resilient, robust, innovative and embodied teachers in the face of growing pressure, fierce competition and energetic pulls.

The programme is not an easy opt out as I/we understand that picking apart some unhealthy, often unconscious patterns or efforts to bypass is central to clarity and growth. I will show you where to look, encourage you to look at what motivated you to teach in the first place, help you celebrate your unique talents and guide you practically to realise how to harness all of this for your own evolution.

This work can be confronting and triggering because often what needs to be carefully dismantled is creating strong resistance. However the work will set you up for life and give you the tools you require to self regulate and creatively expand your work and your whole life. (have a read of the testimonials!)

Newer teachers needs are different and they require more practical support and guidance before they delve just that little bit deeper.

For more experienced teachers this work is absolutely central to determining whether breakthroughs will occur.

As a result, I now offer two separate and progressive mentorships. I recommend everyone view the process as a longterm endeavour and start at the very beginning regardless of how much experience you have when you arrive with me (often this can be detrimental as there is more to unpick).

LIBERATE - L&E Online Foundation is for anyone currently teaching yoga for at least 6 months - your journey with me should start here as it is the foundation for everything else. It is a very interactive experience, many people have been here before you, you can read more about it below or in the many testimonials. I recommend you talk to someone who has already completed the process to get a thorough understanding of what is involved.

ELEVATE - L&E In Person Master is for teachers with a minimum 4 years teaching experience and those who have completed Liberate. I co facilitate this with my dear friend Ana Muriel. This year is super special as we will be running the mentorship from my own home just outside of Brighton. This is application only.

The two programmes work very exceptionally well together and Elevate naturally springboards from the work we do in Liberate. Often people repeat them as they (and we) continue to evolve. If you are considering either one, please give both programmes the space they require.

  • We do not recommend that you sign up if you will be undertaking another training at the same time.

  • We do not recommend that you sign up if you are undertaking any kind of therapy.

  • We urge you to consider your personal emotional resilience and maturity before applying.

If you’re interested in anything you see here, please read all of the information and get in touch to discuss your needs.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Naomi x

Excellent teachers are born from eternal students – deeper practices bring up different and important questions about teaching.

some of the bright souls we continue to work with

Suzie Smith

Naomi’s raw honesty, intuitive wisdom and sharing of her own vulnerabilities created a mirror for us to see ourselves so clearly.


Nikita Akilapa

It's difficult to explain clearly how this works. The mentoring introduces you to a thick dark forest that you were vaguely aware of but had ignored....

Jonelle Lewis

Last year I went on a remarkable journey of connecting to my voice figuratively & literally as a teacher. I’d heard about the ‘Liberate & Elevate’ mentoring programme

Mentoring product banner.jpg

‘liberate’ - online Foundation 2020 - 6 month programme

we are currently registering for FEBRUARY 2020

Minimum 6 months teaching experience


  • 6 x 90 minute (minimum) live and interactive monthly calls via Zoom (all recorded and sent to you within 24 hours)

  • Links to all the recorded calls for you to watch at your convenience (and for 6 months after the programme has ended)

  • 3 x separate calls specifically for Q&A’s

  • 1 x beautifully crafted, monthly workbook per module sent to you the week before the live call

  • access to a private membership area

  • access to downloadable pdfs

  • access to a very active private facebook page for community updates, support and shares

optional one day WOLF PACK GATHERING:

An opportunity to get together with all the teachers you’ve met on the mentorship for a full day in Brighton to bring the whole experience to a wonderful close. This is not compulsory but very much so recommended and booked on a first come, first served basis. The full cost for the day is £90 which includes lunch and refreshments. You will meet everyone you have shared the journey with and be guided through a thorough debrief of the experience.

This one day event can be booked at a later date if there is still space at that time. Please email to enquire.

Venue & Date for wolf pack:

Saturday 11th July, 2010. 10-5pm at The Studio, Whippingham Rd, Brighton

2020 Dates for live calls :

1x monthly call at 10.30 (UK time) on:

  • Tues February 4 The Download

  • Friday March 6 Into the Woods

  • Friday April 3 Artistry

  • Friday May 1 Down To Business

  • Friday May 29 You Are Magic

  • Friday June 26 Into the World

  • Saturday July 11 Liberate Wolf Pack Gathering (See above)

full price for 2020:

£695 (excludes wolf pack gathering)

Pay in full or secure your place with a deposit now and pay in instalments on 1st of each month. (It is a condition of the mentoring that these payments be set up prior to the start date of Liberate)

Balance due early Jan 2020 (email for payment plans).

You also have the option to add the optional wolfpack gathering in Brighton now if you know you can make the date.

* Please carefully read through all Terms & Conditions below before booking

Liberate Online 2020
Mentoring product banner 2.jpg

‘elevate’ - 6 month in person Mentorship 2020

Minimum 4 years experience, preference will be given to Liberate graduates

This is an extremely special and limited opportunity to be part of an extremely unique and intimate experience

Your space will only be confirmed once you have applied to us directly


  • 6 x small group meet ups at Naomi’s home in Brighton

  • 5 x online Q&A lives via zoom (recorded and sent directly to you)

  • 6 beautifully crafted workbooks sent to you before each meeting

2020 Dates & Topics:

Fridays in:

  • Friday January 10 The Axis

  • Friday February 7 Amore & Psyche

  • Friday March 13 The Electric Body

  • Friday March 27-29 Wolf Pack Gathering @ Florence House, Seaford (see below)

  • Friday May 8 Bridging The Traditional & Original

  • Friday June 5 Elegant Alignment

  • Friday July 3 Don’t Go Back To Sleep

how to apply:

You must apply via email to be part of this group due to the intimate nature of the work, so please don’t delay.

Priority will be given to those who have already completed Liberate or a previous incarnation of Elevate.

If you have not attended either previously we recommend whole heartedly that you commence your mentorship with Liberate (details above) and join us for this at a later stage. Mentoring should take time, it relies on an open and clear relationship which runs both ways. All of this takes time to develop.

As this is such a unique experience an understanding of how we work is crucial.

If you’re passionate about joining, here’s what do do:

  • Ensure you can commit to all the dates

  • Write and tell us all about yourself including where you’re at with your teaching and way beyond - explain why you would love to be part of this group

(This is an essential part of the process and we will only accept people who have written personally. We need to be sure you’re in the right place with the right people).


Naomi’s home in East Saltdean (just outside of Brighton)

Time: 11-4 pm

Elevate 2020

wolf pack gathering at florence house (optional)

A full weekend immersion at the wonderful Florence House in Seaford, East Sussex. This is not compulsory but it is very highly recommended. Priority will be given to Elevate 2020 participants and then opened up to any previous Liberate & Elevate graduate. A wonderful opportunity to plug into a growing network of creative and innovative teachers. Not to be missed!


£525 in a single room / £485 in a twin / £465 in a triple

To get on the list please email asap. There are more details on the Calendar pages of this website.

* See Terms & Conditions below

Book a space in a:

One to one sessions

For individuals via phone or Skype £60

These sessions can be a one off to discuss something in particular or part of a few over a period of time. 

Each call generally lasts up to 45 minutes and take place on a Tuesday and Wednesday morning.




We ask that you do not enrol without careful consideration of whether you are ready to proceed – we have invested hours and hours of vision, creative planning and writing into all of our courses and expect respect for the work. Please understand:

  • All deposits are non refundable.

  • If you cancel your place more than 60 days before the start date of the programme we will refund you your payment (less the deposit).

  • If you cancel your place less than 60 days before the start date of the program we will do our best to transfer your place to a future course/ programme (less the deposit) .

  • If you choose to pull out of the program whilst in progress we will not be able to offer you any refund.

  • Please note we do not offer any partial refunds for missed sessions including if live calls or webinars were part of your course.



Collaboration and community is at the heart of Liberate & Elevate.

Together we grow.

We believe it is that simple.  We make a point of sharing knowledge. We become mirrors for one another. We provide support, feedback and guidance.

It is of the utmost importance that every single person teaching on the programme not only has exceptional skills and experience to share but that they live yoga with unparalleled integrity. 

We work with excellent teachers who are doing the work, we can help you.

Carolyn Cowan.jpg

Ana Muriel

Jivamukti Yoga Teacher, Mentor, Holistic health coach with a background in marketing and communication.

Ana and I met 2 years ago and I knew instantly she was a sister for life. She is an integral part of L&E, a constant source of inspiration and my biggest muse and mirror. Her experience, knowledge and creativity is vast as is the heart she shares from. Her commitment to the path is unshakeable. Ana co-writes and co-teaches the Master Programme and also assists the Foundation. She is unique and totally brilliant and we are both prone to an inapropriate fit of the giggles. 


Carolyn Cowan

Kundalini Yoga teacher, Teacher Trainer and Psychosexual Therapist specialising in addiction & trauma recovery.

I first came into contact with Carolyn when we were both on the Sadhaka schedule. Years later we sat on a panel together for a triyoga symposium. I was immediately impressed by her enigmatic personality and fearlessness. Her multi-layered experience as therapist and artist plus her fascinating history made her a no brainer to work with. Carolyn currently teaches the Elegant Alignment module on the Master Programme.


Mollie Morris

Yoga teacher, Teacher Trainer, Franklin Method facilitator and Co-director of Sadhaka Yoga Centre.

Some people you meet and you know they will always be an ever present in your life. Mollie is such a person. Her interest in and fascination with all things movement keeps her at the forefront of a scene which is ever evolving. Despite her huge experience the humility and grace with which she practices and shares makes her the perfect addition to the L&E facutly. I have always been inspired by Mollie's commitment to transformation. Mollie is teaching on the L&E teacher's retreat in October. 



Kirtan leader and trainer, leading pioneer in the field of chanting and sound work in the UK.

I first met Nikki in the same way many yoga teachers do - at one of her kirtans at triyoga. Her voice blew me away but more than that her ability to lead a room and hold space in a beautifully wise way. Nikki then asked me to work as an assessor on her 'Learn to Lead Kirtan' training. It was a wonderful experience and I knew I wanted to work with her again. Nikki will be teaching on the 2018 Liberate & Elevate teacher's retreat in June. 


kristi Rodelli

Forrest Yoga Teacher, Mentor, Writer & mama!

Kristi and I met at Indaba Yoga where we both teach. She likes to remind me of the time we first met (I stuck a post it note with my name on it on her foot during a workshop -classy!) Our friendship has blossomed into something really beautiful ever since. Along with Ana she was the first person that came to mind when I decided to embark on the mentoring. She is the Earth to our Air and Fire. She has such great insight, is brave, beautiful and articulate. Kristi is currently on maternity leave but we hope she will be back with us in 2018.


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