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SEAFORD / L&E Weekend for Innovative Teachers

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I am so darn excited to be finally putting this weekend together for you. Over the past year I’ve held three one day workshops under the umbrella term of ‘The Artist’s Date’ in anticipation of this retreat. I wanted to see what my experience was of creating this project before I took it to next stage.

Well the feedback to be frank, nothing less than phenomenal but more so the honour was really quite overwhelming.

The Artist’s Dates workshops and this weekend and my mentoring if I’m honest, have all been born out of a growing dissatisfaction and frustration with the world of yoga. I began to feel isolated and misunderstood and wanted to understand if and how yoga still fit into my life beyond the landscape of what I was experiencing. They were all geared towards using yoga as a springboard for further exploration into our unique creativity and need for self expression.

This is a weekend for teachers but it will be unlike anything else I’ve ever organised.

If you’re wondering what yoga has to do with anything. If you’re wondering if you still want to teach. If you’re wondering if this is it. If you’re wondering if you’re doing it all wrong and wondering why the hell everyone seems to be doing it differently? If you feel stuck, bored, rebellious and like you often want to scream into your pillow at the thorough dissonance …

If you want to explore and learn and grow as a person both within and outside of the world of yoga and not feel so squeezed and labelled the entire time….

Then this is probably for you.

Please read the following information and then apply directly. Facilitators are still to be announced but rest assured they’ll be pretty amazing. Naturally. x

About Florence House

On the brow of Seaford Head, Sussex, sits Florence House; rock solid in the sea air and surrounding wild landscape. In many ways its situation is a metaphor for its life’s purpose – a haven for the spirit however the wind blows. It’s a much loved venue for life enhancing workshops, retreats, weddings and conferences. In essence, it lovingly embraces divine inspiration, the sacredness and potential of each individual and the healing power of the landscape in which it sits.

The beautiful interior of the house itself, the abundant gardens, the proximity to the sea and the wildness of the Downs, make Florence House ideal for retreats and workshops involving personal development and transformation.


Florence House can accommodate 24 people and there are a choice of rooms from singles to triples based on your needs. All bedrooms have lovely scenic views either of the Downs or the Estate.

The venue supplies all bedlinen and towels.


As much as possible all the food is grown within the gardens or locally sourced.

Friday – Sunday 27th-29th March 2020 inclusive


Our schedule and facilitating teachers is still to be finalised but over the course of the weekend (midday Friday through to Sunday afternoon) you can expect similar to the following:


  • 5.00pm Arrivals

  • 6.00pm Opening Circle

  • 7.00-8.00pm Evening practice

  • 8.00pm Dinner


  • 8.00-10.00am Morning practice

  • 10.30-12.00pm Brunch

  • 1.00-3.00pm Afternoon workshop

  • 5.00-7.00pm Free time

  • 7.00pm Dinner

  • 8.00pm Kirtan & meditation


  • 8.00-10.00am Morning practice

  • 10.30-12.00pm Brunch

  • 12.00-2.00pm Afternoon workshop

  • 2.00-3.00pm Closing circle


Florence House in East Sussex


4 singles @ £ 525

7 twins @ £ 485

2 triples @ £ 455

This includes EVERYTHING – meals, accommodation, all workshops and yoga sessions.

Next steps

Please apply by sending an application to Naomi directly. stating

  • how many years you have been teaching

  • who your current teacher is (or who you took your TTC with and in what style)

  • why you would like to join us

It’s important that the right group gathers so please be as honest as you can!

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