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READING / Mobility, Creativity & Fluidity

When we think about yoga asana quite often we picture a set of shapes that can be made if we follow certain alignment principles. Theres no doubt that this can be really beneficial for many practitioners. However so often it can have the result of alienating and frustrating the student when they feel that they are not able to arrive at the perfect place.

Neurologically speaking this packs quite a powerful punch. 

The creative teacher (and practitioner) is able to craft a practice that feels inclusive for all levels of ability. An understanding of how joints move - how to get better range of motion, as well as building strength, control and working playfully can often open the practice of yoga up for many people. The missing part of the jigsaw is often neurology, what we’re thinking when we move, how our brain fires and wires new neural pathways and what result that has within the body.

When we think beyond asana, beyond the shape as a definitive we are able to place more importance on the awareness. It becomes elevated, joyful and creates change in the brain and the body. 

This workshop will help you to understand how to move in a way that feels really good. 

A must for all teachers interested in understanding better how to help their students get more from the practice and for all practitioners wanting to take their practice to a much deeper level. 

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