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LONDON / Liberate & Elevate Your Teaching

What if you viewed your teaching as a practice for creative recovery?

This workshop will introduce you to the art of holding space powerfully - both for yourself and for your students. We will look at key ways to establish a bubbling creative well from which to draw constant inspiration and energy, techniques to keep you connected to Spirit and in flow (and what that actually means!). You will gain a greater understanding of who you really are as a teacher and what you uniquely bring to your teaching practice plus clarity around where you are blocked and what to do about it for instant results.

Learning how to sensitively balance and integrate your own necessary development, self-enquiry and reflection with the essential techniques for holding space for others in a powerful, yet non -intrusive way builds resilient, robust and embodied teachers in the face of growing pressure and steady competition. However, reframing your teaching as a creative process will blow the doors off what is possible!

All this plus an honest discourse around the realities of making a living from teaching and the psychology of teaching. We will end with a Q&A session.

* Naomi is the creator of Liberate & Elevate', one of the first mentoring programs for yoga teachers to appear in London. She has been running sold out trainings for over 7 years and mentors many of the Uk's established teachers.*