The Electric Body @ Harbour Yoga, Farnham
10:00 AM10:00

The Electric Body @ Harbour Yoga, Farnham

The Electric Body

In the past few decades, there has been a revolution in how we perceive the body. What appears to be an object, a three-dimensional anatomical structure, is actually a magical and ever evolving process, a constant flow of energy and information.

In yoga the concept of Prana is very specific. when we speak of Prana we mean the original life force, which is the very basis for health and well being both for body and mind. When your body is alive with Prana, you feel alert, energetic, clear - literally buzzing with vibrancy. You start to see the world differently and the world starts to see a different you!

This workshop will help you expand your awareness of the energetic body to build all the power you could possibly need to create a new reality by locating the part of you that resonates with the universe and rekindling and reaffirming that connection. We will move through a potent combination of asanas, while applying bandhas, mantra and breath work to unlock the force of the spirit.

This will be a full spectrum practice for all levels, with as much emphasis on pranayama and chanting as there is asana to awaken the energetic body and connect you to source. 

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The Art of Teaching @ Indaba Yoga
1:30 PM13:30

The Art of Teaching @ Indaba Yoga

This workshop will introduce you to the art of holding space powerfully - both within your classes and for yourself. We will look at key ways of establishing a bubbling creative well which to draw your inspiration from, techniques to keep you connected to Spirit and avoiding burn out, practices to help you understand and sense prana; learning how to work with it in a class environment to build group energy and provide a space for healing, plus an honest discourse around the realities of making a living from teaching and ultimately the psychology of teaching. The workshop will end with a Q&A session.

**Although focused on the practice of teaching yoga - the creative nature of this workshop means it is applicable to anyone interested in learning some unique practices for creative recovery.

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