How not to disappear...

I've always been a bit of a sass pot but recently have felt really quite inhibited and held back. I feel like society wants me to shut up and quieten the hell down and to a point I have started to become compliant. 

Maybe it's after having a child? The mist of motherhood lingers for quite some time, you feel like you're submerged in a swamp, unsure how you got in or how to get you just survive for a bit. When you finally start to get strong enough to wade out, matted hair and all, you realise you're kind of expected to disappear again. 

It's that last bit which really pisses me off.

It's such a complex state of affairs. I crave female role models and yet find there's so few for me. It's not as simple as blaming the media, or even my friends. In a way social media has helped some women to appear again. I know it's complex - because so many are hiding behind appearing. Oh god. I didn't want to talk about social media!

Recently I have been inspired and motivated by meeting James Shaw and Chris Baker the founders of weMove Magazine . If you haven't seen their magazine you must check it out. It's a piece of art and every thread of it has been lovingly created. This is their mission statement:

"weMove is a platform to inspire and support others to realise their full potential. A community of like minds who believe in the power of movement for its ability to realise potential. Who are not defined by a single approach to living, training and moving.

In a culture obsessed with measuring talent and ability, inspiration is often overlooked. Our role is to synthesize people, practice and purpose that would otherwise be kept separate whilst navigating the intersection of movement, sport, nutrition and wellbeing."

I spent a lot of time with each of them on two separate occasions. It felt like I'd known them both for years. I felt seen, understood, respected for where I was at with my work and life. I was not once asked to explain myself or how or why I taught yoga and why I was bringing different more complex elements to the table. Instead we discussed our experiences, our history, the merging of the varied different parts of our lives and selves, the motivation to continue to experience the unknown and the unfamiliar and the graft of showing up again and again in order to do so. 

I felt seen without being labelled. It was wonderful to not feel like disappearing.

I will be working with them more soon and I really cannot wait. 

In the meantime I hope you are all really well and that you're all being seen. It's important. 

Oh AND I'm doing an order on these beauties tonight - my Liberate & Elevate vests. I love em. sassy as AND unisex and not made by some huge commercial brand. 

All the love and please write soon x

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