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Mmmmm SPRIIING is here. She’s truly here and the last few days I’ve been stretching my wings and legs daily, taking walks along the stunning coastline where I live and grabbing every moment possible to get outside and soak up those magical, life affirming rays of Sun.

As my bones have started to thaw it’s become apparent on a cellular level just how deprived of that solar energy we really are and what a profound difference being outside and in nature makes to the quality of our lives. As I get older I realise just how important it is to live in rhythm with the seasons and I feel like nature holds so many of the answers to our increasing sense of disconnection. My son who is just 4 years old attends a Steiner school and everyday no matter what the weather (and often it really is gales, hailstorm and torrential rain!) he starts his day with a walk on the South Downs. Despite my initial reservations and guilt about sending my precious little bundle off wrapped up like Scott of the antarctic, battling biting winds with only a chapstick and an organic banana- he really has become quite a robust little force and the benefits have been unmistakable – he is so in tune with nature, he loves being outside, never ever gets ill and quite literally has all of this creative energy flowing out of him. It is enormously inspiring.

It is one of the reasons why I have returned to the same retreat venue for the last 4 years now – Suleyman’s Garden in Turkey. It is such a little gem of a spot on a stretch of unspoilt coastline, it’s no wonder there are so many repeat bookings each year. So the only question left for you to answer is….have you booked your flight?

Sarah Jeffs