Finally made it home from our week in Marrakech after a typically long and arduous journey – why oh why universe – a rail replacement service today of all days???!! Another test I know…it’s okay, I think I passed!

Thank you so very much to all of you who came on this retreat. I can honestly say this was probably one of the biggest learning experiences of my life. I LOVED teaching you and you taught me so much in return, the practices felt like they mattered, they were long, tough, full of laughter, dirt, sweat, sadness, tears and toxic smells but GOD what an energy you created – 26 people I feel deeply privileged to have spent time with and utterly grateful that you trusted me to hold the space for you.

I am totally and utterly cream crackered – spanked to within an inch of my life but it was worth every moment.

At the end of the last practice last night I sobbed because I felt the collective energy so strongly it literally blew my head off that people from all different age groups and backgrounds could create this magic together…and this to me is what yoga is all about. It is about coming together, opening to vulnerability, revealing our hardest truths and laughing our frigging asses off at each other during the ridiculous core stuff I put you through.

And the hammam….the hammam….oh my God the hammam….my mula bandha is still lying on a chaise longue smoking a post coital cigarette I believe.
Biggest love to all of you.

Sarah Jeffs