“I’d already spent hundreds of hours on courses and trainings trying to learn the magic cues, the anatomy theory, the sequencing tricks… believing that knowledge would empower me to be the best teacher possible… and it was all hugely valuable stuff, but did it actually help my Self to grow?

Apparently I thought that loading myself up with information and achievements was the key to confidence. People pleasing with ‘good results’ at school and trying to appear to have my shit together in adult life. Liberate & Elevate called bullshit on all the shields and masks I’d built up from the first meeting. My motivations, my opinions, the beliefs which I’d fabricated about myself were blown out of the water. So many discussions and provocative seeds planted, endless challenges and obliteration of all comfort zones. It’s been a bloody challenging 6 months but I wouldn’t take back a second of it.

Lots of fellow teachers have asked how the mentoring has been going over the past months, and I’ve never been able to put it into words. Maybe because this work is never complete – even on the last day it felt like just the beginning.
The simple answer is that life has changed completely. In the last 6 months I have moved house, turned 30 and become a wife. So yes, on paper everything has changed. But the shift has occurred much deeper than the name on my debit card. Getting to know some of my shadows has been empowering. Realising that I have the strength to say no to shit that doesn’t resonate, to reserve my energy and slow down when eagerness to please and ‘succeed’ tempts me towards burn out and that obliviously hiding behind the facade of a harmless ‘girl’ does nothing to empower the fierce woman within.

Endless love and thanks for every soul in this group for holding space, sharing their truth and being potent catalysts for all of this work to begin. You are all astonishing, beautiful people and I feel so honoured to have learnt from you. And my teacher, Naomi. Her raw honesty, intuitive wisdom and sharing of her own vulnerabilities created a mirror for us to see ourselves so clearly. I have no words to express how lucky I feel to have stumbled into her class (thanks to a little nudge from my wonderful David Kam!) From the first breath something was disturbed on a deep, subtle level which I didn’t even realise was there. It scared the shit out of me – it often still does. Something awakens each time I’m under her guidance, whether it’s a knowing of purpose or Self which I fear could steer me into dark and murky waters or a strength which I’m yet to step into… i don’t know. But I’m determined to find out.”


suzie hunter smith

Suzie Hunter Smith.. a 450hr certified yoga teacher, veggie enthusiast, Ayurveda & wellness fan and owner of Peanut, the scruffiest Jack Russell in London.

She teaches what she knows and loves: a creative, transformative and freeing yoga practice which draws together the many different styles and influences she has encountered so far across the infinite spectrum of the yoga world.

Guest postSuzie Hunter Smith