Naomi Absalom Yoga

About Naomi

Devoted mother, music nerd, slightly left of centre….

After a successful and fairly wild ten year career in the music industry, a rapidly increasing feeling of disconnection to the self and the surrounding world motivated Naomi to jump ship, sell absolutely everything she owned and travel to India for six months of Ashram dwelling and teacher training…the beginning of the beginning. Following long stints in Kerala & Mysore, she then travelled to the mountains of Canada where she spent four months as an apprentice to her own teacher Prahalad Reddy. Although greatly indebted to the profound philosophical teachings of Sivananda which formed the heart and soul of her early journey through life, she fell in love with the magical alchemy of vinyasa as soon as her body came across it and has taught an ever evolving, slow and mindful form of this since.

Inspired by the power of community and group energy, Naomi currently teaches busy group classes at some of London’s top studios including triyoga, Indaba Yoga and Union Station Yoga. She is well known for her passionate delivery and powerful ability to hold space for all those present. Her aim has remained unchanged over 12 years of teaching – to create a safe and nurturing dynamic where each individual is able to plug into the presenting current of energy. Although in love with playfulness and creativity, she is extremely interested in form, function and mindful movement, focusing on strong and controlled transitions between the postures so that every moment is felt, recognised and processed. Her background training with Itzhak Helman in Thai Yoga massage informs the hands on assists and adjustments she offers in class and she now teaches these on teacher training courses in London.

As the founder and creator of ‘Liberate & Elevate’ – one of the first mentoring programmes for yoga teachers to appear in London, she is deeply passionate about the art of teaching and has been leading sold out programmes and retreats for teachers for the last five years. In 2013 she became a trainer with the global advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather and travels around the world teaching yoga, meditation and mindfulness on their management programmes. She currently teaches for the online yoga platform ‘Movement for Modern Life’.

When not doing any of the above you can find her hanging out with the two men in her life at the beach in Brighton or pogoing enthusiastically at a gig somewhere…it almost always comes back to music.