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About Naomi

Hello, thank you for arriving here. I’ll tell you some of how I weaved my way here also…

I came to yoga during a successful and fairly wild ten year career in the music industry. I had always been mad about music and whilst rich in creativity, the industry itself eventually drove me a little too mad.. On a whim I sold everything and escaped to India, stumbling into ashrams and ultimately teacher training…the beginning of a desperately needed - other beginning.

Long stints treading the well beaten paths to Kerala & Mysore, were followed by months in ashrams and in the mountains of Canada learning advanced pranayama. Now that was pretty amazing. The possibilities revealed themselves and I wanted to push the boundaries and explore further. Mostly I was disciplined and reprimanded for being rebellious, for questioning the methods and the power dynamics.

What I realise now is that my heart was in search of freedom.

I’m still unravelling that one.

My work and practice is mostly inspired by the power of community, group energy and exploring the infinite potential of the body and mind as a tool for awakening. Although the techniques and my inspirations are forever changing, my overall aim has remained the same over 15 years of teaching – to create a safe and nurturing dynamic where each individual is able to plug into the presenting current of creative energy.

Creativity is the life blood of my work and practice. I am much less interested in the shape of asana, more intrigued by what lies beyond the boxes we often ease ourselves into for comfort. I believe that creativity within movement can lead us to a better understanding of ourselves. I am an anatomy nerd but not fixated on aesthetics; an observer of ritual but never through habit - I am always willing to burn the house down and start all over again.

Fundamentally I teach because I need to say the words often.

I teach because it would be easier for me to withdraw.

I teach because it’s my practice.

…it is often unpredicatable.

As the founder and creator of ‘Liberate & Elevate’ – one of the first mentorships for yoga teachers to appear in London, I am deeply passionate about teaching as artistry that goes well beyond lineage. I have been leading sold out trainings and retreats for teachers for the last seven years. Seeing these teachers take the work out into their communities is what keeps me connected to the thread of yoga.

Aside from this I’m a mother to an incredible boy, still music mad, oh and I love hats. You’ll most likely always find me in one.


“It’s not simply Naomi’s technical precision, dedication, ability to hold a room and her accepting but ‘no bullshit’ attitude that draws people to her classes again and again - it’s her spirit; unparalleled, unvarnished, unmistakable - that makes her one of the best teachers I have ever had.”


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